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Yasmeen Shorish, Head of Scholarly Communications Strategies and Special Adviser to the Dean for Equity Initiatives in JMU Libraries, contributed to the May 2021 issue of IAU Horizons, writing on the issue’s theme: “Democratizing Knowledge: Open Science in a Closed World?”. Her editorial, “Towards a More Open – and Equitable – Future”, emphasizes that the pandemic has made the need for truly accessible and inclusive open data and science pressing. Noting that researchers must be both ethical consumers and producers of knowledge, Shorish explains the applicability of the FAIR Principles, the CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance and an ethics of care, all while underscoring that the relationships between these frameworks can help us to better understand equity and enfranchisement in the academy and publishing. She ends the piece with a call to action, urging readers to shift away from a colonialist perspective to research methodology and education, and adds that it is imperative for us to take a more collectivist approach.

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