Center for Materials Science (CSM/CISE)

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Dr. Christopher Hughes, Director

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The educational mission of the Center for Materials Science is to develop and maintain an innovative cross disciplinary and multidisciplinary undergraduate program in materials science that will increase the maturation of students, their research experience and their employment opportunities. The mission includes the integration of undergraduate education with basic and applied research in materials science. Faculty and students focus on problems of interest to industry and government in materials processing, materials characterization, materials applications and thermal sciences including thermal structural interactions and infrared analysis.

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1996 - The Cener for Materials Science at JMU as established.


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The Center provides students the opportunity to develop broad multidisciplinary skills and knowledge in the science of materials. The research mission of the Center is to increase funding for applied and basic research in materials science, which benefits not only the faculty and students that focus on these problems of interest, but the institution as a whole.

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