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Mr. Richard Tate, Director

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The Center for Professional Sales (in collaboration with the College of Business and Department of Marketing) offers current students hands-on sales experience with real prospective employers, not to mention networking opportunities. Communication skills are critical in any business or career and learning the ‘art of selling’ is a skill that may be applied to many areas of life. Business owner or not, everyone at some point needs to convince others that an idea makes sense, to show investors how a project will generate a return, etc. Learning to ask for what you want and being able to ‘close the deal’ are just parts of the art and science that students practice through the Center. Students learn self-discipline, goal setting, how to build rapport, how to accept rejection and to be a good listener. Students gain self-confidence and make a great investment in their futures.

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Community and Economic development

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Community Engagement, Engaged Learning


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