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English 318: Shakespeare's Comedies and Histories. The London of Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I

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Mark Rankin, Department of English, JMU

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Students in Shakespeare course visited Bodleian Library's Bibliography Room, Oxford, as outing on 3‐week Shakespeare intensive short‐term London‐based study abroad program. The students were instructed in the technology of the hand‐operated printing press and in the process of setting type, and then they each received an opportunity to set their own names in a composing stick and then transfer their set type to a galley. They then each printed a memento of the visit with their names and the seal of Oxford University. Students corrected the type inpress. Related key words: international, study abroad, Semester in London


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Summer 2016


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Arts and Culture

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Students gained hands‐on learning and an appreciation of this side of Shakespeare studies, and it was one of the highlights of the trip. Eight students participated.

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