Name of Engagement

College of Visual and Performing Arts Summer Art Program

Contact Information

Dr. Karin Tollefson-Hall


The JMU Summer Art Program inspires students to create, perform, understand and appreciate the arts in their lives, their community and in the world. Students will learn how images have been used to communicate important ideas, thoughts and feelings throughout history and into contemporary times. The lessons demonstrate that education in the arts is fundamental to language acquisition, creative thinking and an educated imagination. The JMU Summer Art Education Program provides exciting courses for children ages 6-17. Certified art educators and JMU faculty will guide students through an intensive 5 day course, providing a solid foundation for creation. Each week will end with an exhibit/reception on Friday evening.

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Involves Students, Involves Faculty, Involves Participants External to JMU


JMU Only, Hburg/Local/VA


Recurring Event (Occurs on a regular basis but not continual)

Primary Focus of Program

Arts and Culture

Areas of Engagement

Community Engagement, Engaged Learning



On/Off campus

On campus

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