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The Adult Degree Program (ADP) gives you the flexibility to create your own degree based on your skills, interests, and future career and educational goals. You work with ADP staff, academic advisors, and other JMU faculty to develop an educational program plan that incorporates JMU’s general education requirements into your chosen curriculum and develop a program of study that is unique to you. As Individualized Study majors, ADP students develop their program plan concentration by choosing classes from two or more subject areas. These classes represent the body of knowledge our students want to enhance their current knowledge, skills and abilities to advance or change careers. ADP online modules are a structured way of developing your program plan concentration and, they help you complete your degree no matter where you live. Each module was created to give you a strong foundation in that subject area. You can combine two or three modules to create your Individualized Study major concentration, or you can blend them with face-to-face classes if you are able to commute to campus.

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