JMU Study Abroad: Painting and Dance in Southern France

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Agnes Carbrey (Art, Design and Art History) and Eva Robertson (Dance)

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This program is located in Auvillar and Collioure, France. This program consists of painting, dance, and intensive drawing on the landscape and in the teaching studio Monday through Friday for a total of 6 credits. We interact and engage the local community in art, poetry, dance, movement and performance under the direction of Agnes Carbrey, Eva Robertson, and expert guest lecturers. During the weekends we visit the treasures of the region such as local vineyards, artist's studios, the medieval villages of Rocamadour and Carcassone, the Musee Ingres, the Saint Cecile Cathedral in Albi and le Gouffree de Padirac, one of France's natural wonders. Students complete the experience with an Open Studio exhibition celebration with the community at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts in Auvilllar France.

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The summer 2018 program is from May 10 - June 1.


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