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"ERAMAT" Board Game Helps Ease Famine and Drought in Kenya

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Jacob Mayiani Loorimirim

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JMU faculty and students have partnered with Maasai communities in southern Kenya to develop the first Culturally Anchored Eco-Game (CAEG) named ERAMAT (“mind your cattle” in the Maa language). The game was inspired by the 2008-2009 drought, in which many Maasai, including family members of one of the project principles (Jacob Mayiani Loorimirim in Institutional Research), lost up to 95% of their herds. ERAMAT provides an engaging learning environment to explore the dynamics contributing to this accelerating cycle of drought and hunger in the region, and it encourages deeper understanding for pastoralists and non-pastoralists alike. This can generate conversations leading to the development of effective strategies for coping with the problem.

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JMU students and faculty introduced the game to the Maasai community during a summer 2012 trip.


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Community and Economic development

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