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Edward Brantmeier

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Inspired by past scholarship on critical peace education for sustainability (Brantmeier, 2013), critical pedagogy of place (Grueneweld, 2003), and the Sustainable Self Summit, I (Edward Brantmeier) created and am currently teaching an exploratory course for our Honors College at JMU, USA. The course is entitled “Inclusive Leadership for Sustainable Peace.” As part of this learning journey, I want my students, who I view as co-learners in a process of mutual discovery, to be more aware of the how and why of learning, to gain clarity into their career purpose through contemplative exploration, and to clarify their values and approach to leadership. In short, we focus on knowing ourselves, on connecting to global and local sustainable peace leaders and education for sustainable development initiatives, and on figuring out sustainable peace action plans for our future as leaders.

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Involves Faculty, Involves Students, Involves Participants External to JMU


March 2017


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Community Engagement, Engaged Learning



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