School Psychology (within the Department of Graduate Psychology) faculty engage in service

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Dr. Tammy D. Gilligan, School Psychology Program Director

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School Psychology faculty engage in service that promotes the well-being of many. For example, faculty facilitate a monthly parent support group for families who have children with autism. Our graduate students are involved in this service as families bring their children with them to this support group. Recently, faculty participated in a local elementary school’s Family Night and provided a demonstration of mindfulness practices to promote healthy families. Our graduate students assisted in this event. Faculty also provide consultative services to the JMU community in various formats. Our faculty are involved with the Office of Disabilities and Learning Strategies Instruction. Our graduate students observe and then serve as case managers for the university student seeking services.

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Involves Faculty, Involves Students, Involves Participants External to JMU


Academic Year AY '16-'17


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Education PK-12

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Community Engagement, Engaged Learning


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