Outreach and Engagement Director Melissa Lubin leads the Engagement Advisory Group's Community Engagement team.

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The Director of Outreach and Engagement, Melissa Lubin, was selected to lead the Engagement Advisory Group (EAG) Community Engagement Team, along with Outreach and Engagement Assistant Dean, Carol Fleming. The team led discussions pertaining to the establishment of a Virginia Campus Compact. Gaining the critical number of member institutions to move forward with hiring an executive director was successful and members of the team (Melissa Lubin and Steve Grande) were on the search committee. The team also led the preparation for Carnegie Re-Classification (2020). The team also began working on developing a concept for an engagement-themed conference, "Engagement for the Public Good", at the new Hotel Madison and Conference Center. The conference is the first of its kind and will be held on November 7-9, 2018. Members of the team also presented at the Engagement Scholarship Consortium annual conference (2016, Omaha, NE): "Working With(In) Communities: A guide to partnering with Outreach & Engagement" (Jen Almjeld and Carol Fleming).


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Academic Year AY '16-'17


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