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The Student Affairs Engagement Team was formed in 2016-2017, helping to support the division’s commitment to the university’s vision to be the national model for the engaged university. The Team noted the following divisional engagement-related accomplishments for the past year: Each department in Student Affairs is required to set and track at least one engagement-related objective in the JMU-STAR Tool; o Hired a full time internship coordinator in Career and Academic Planning. In addition, internship scholarships provided $80,000 to students doing unpaid internships, and an internship course was developed for students whose major does not offer credit for internships; o Residence Life created a new format for academic mentors and worked with the AVP of Academic Student Services to pair first-year students on academic probation with an academic mentor to teach study skills/time management; Madipalooza: Student volunteers spent seven months learning about, planning and implementing a large-scale event to create a positive impact on the university community; Each office in Student Affairs had some form of peer educators – students teaching and mentoring other students; o The Alternative Break program in Community Service-Learning continued to be considered a national leader in community engagement; Programs in the University Health Center such as KIN100 Alcohol Education, Dukes Step Up! and REACH Peer Educators provided opportunities for student engagement and learning that reflect institutional goals, student needs and emerging issues in college health; The Office of Disability Services hosted an internship position for a social work major and a practicum position for a student from Occupational Therapy


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