Computer Science, Engineering, and ISAT emphasize engaged pedagogies

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Dr. Bob Kolvoord

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Computer Science, Engineering, and ISAT all continue to emphasize a range of engaged pedagogies, such as Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) (CS, BSISAT classes), Just In Time learning (Engineering Science classes), undergraduate research (required capstone and senior projects in Engineering, BSISAT and IA, and optional projects in GS) and flipped classrooms (a range of classes across all programs). Team-based projects and/or hands-on laboratories are featured in every unit. Participating in academic competitions is another form of engaged learning embraced by units in CISE, especially Computer Science through APPS4VA, hackathons, and the CyberDefense competitions, where our team recently placed 3rd in a statewide competition.


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Academic Year AY '16-'17


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