LGBTQ+ Graduates in 2018

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Rain Chris Garant, Interim Coordinator, LGBTQ & Ally Education Program


This year the LGBTQ & Ally Education Program saw its largest number of graduates yet. In an annual ceremony celebrating the achievement of graduating as an LGBTQ+ student, 80 attendees ushered 15 graduates into this new phase of their lives. Three exceptional students were awarded for their dedication to academic and civic engagement for bringing education and awareness of queer identities to all areas of campus. This year's graduates come from many colleges within the university, both undergraduate and graduate; their interests and upcoming jobs were both varied and exciting.


Involves Faculty, Involves Staff, Involves Students


JMU Only


This event occurs every spring in the weeks leading up to commencement. In 2018 it was held on April 19.


Recurring Event (Occurs on a regular basis but not continual)

Benefits for Faculty, Students, Community, and Institution

Students - Though many LGBTQ+ students live their lives out and proud on campus, family members might not be aware of this aspect of their identity. By hosting an event in celebration of this facet of identity, the university is doubling down on its commitment to diversity and recognizes the additional emotional workload that can sometimes accompany an LGBTQ+ student's academic one.

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Civic Engagement, Engaged Learning



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