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Institute for Infrastructure and Information Assurance

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Ben Delp or the Office of Research and Scholarship

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The Institute for Infrastructure and Information Assurance (IIIA) emphasizes collaborative interdisciplinary research that focuses on developing technologies with student participation and that have potential for public benefit and possible commercialization. Further, the Institute focuses on the integrative, interdisciplinary nature of real-world problems and strives to bridge traditional academic departments to develop solutions to the critical security problems facing our nation. IIIA facilitates development, coordination, integration and funding of homeland security activities and capabilities of the JMU academic community to enhance information and critical infrastructure assurance at the federal, state and local levels.

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Involves Students, Involves Faculty, Involves Staff, Involves Participants External to JMU


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Ongoing (Currently in existence, year round)

Primary Focus of Program

Community and Economic development

Areas of Engagement

Community Engagement, Civic Engagement, Engaged Learning



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