Cohen Center for the Study of Technological Humanism

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Dr. Larry Burton, Director of the Cohen Center

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Addressed to graduate faculty and students, the Cohen Center of Technological Humanism provides experiences beyond the curriculum. The Centers brings faculty and students together to discuss issues other than the curriculum. The mission of the Cohen Center is to bridge the relationships between nature and technology and between science and the arts. The Cohen Center studies the interrelationships of action between human and animal life, of cyborgs and the artificial and of interdisciplinary groups. The Cohen Center is unique not only to JMU, but also to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Though the center is not a graduate program, it will contribute to the mission of establishing graduate programs of distinction by attracting graduate students across campus and across disciplines to address the question of technology holistically, practically, socially and ethically, reaching beyond the borders of discipline, field or degree.

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Arts and Culture

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Community Engagement, Engaged Learning


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