Aug '15: JMU campus now comprises a voting precinct in the City of Harrisonburg

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Effective August 2015, the JMU campus now comprises a voting precinct in the City of Harrisonburg. The new polling place at Convocation Center opened for the first time for the Presidential Primary on March 1, 2016. The project was coordinated via DukesVote. A unique body, DukesVote is comprised of the chairs of the major political student organizations (Carter Black, College Democrats; Olivia Gibson, College Republicans, Madison Liberty; Helen Land, VA21), the SGA’s Legislative Action Committee chair (Matt Mueller), faculty from the Civic Engagement Committee (Marshall Pattie, Meg Mulrooney), and the Director of Student Activities (Kristin Muncy). Dr. Hyong Yeom and students from SOWK 467: Social Work Process, a class that annually incorporates a voter registration project, also participated: Tamarus Crutchfield; Alison Cohan; Amanda Bresnahan; and Ashley Balamuta. The group also:

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