The Citizenship Project in AY '15-'16

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In support of The Citizenship Project, an E&G budget initiative for AY2016-17 went forward as part of the six year plan. It proposes to repurpose and rename the existing Madison Institutes, which already has one fulltime employee, Bill Wilson, and a modest budget. It calls for the addition of two new positions, a full-time executive director and a full-time administrative assistant. It is expected that an advisory board of faculty, alumni, and others with appropriate expertise would be established to provide additional support and guidance. While the name of the future office remains undetermined, its core functions would be to: advance the academic focus of The Citizenship Project, manage essential operations (voter registration drives, precinct procedures, marketing & communications), coordinate events like Constitution Day, Madison Vision Series, Madison week, oversee civic engagement measurement efforts, foster partnerships with affiliated offices and organizations (e.g., 4C, Montpelier, Turbovote) serve as chief point of contact for external parties.


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