Environmental Stewardship Tour Development in AY '15-'16

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"Development of James Madison University’s Campus as a Living Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Education" was funded through the Dominion Higher Education Partnership and collaboratively completed by the OESS, FM, faculty and CHBS Creative Services. Additional time and resources beyond the grant were invested by the OESS, FM, and faculty. A tour of campus, with both online and physical components, was created to highlight twenty sites on the JMU campus where facilities, environmental stewardship, and learning are interconnected. The tour supports JMU's emphases on engaged learning and community engagement. As visitors take the tour, they are challenged to consider the interdependence of humans and the environment; the health, socio-economic, and ecological dimensions of environmental stewardship; the way in which environmental problems are explored and solutions are developed and implemented; and how environmental stewardship is and can be integrated into our lives.


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