Centennial Scholars Program (CSP) Alumni Program in AY '15-'16

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Centennial Scholars Program

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Identified alumni centennials who are working in their career field and pair/match them up with an undergraduate centennial in a similar major/or who has an interest in their respective career field(s); Alumni Impact Program (AIP) was introduced at CSP's 10th anniversary celebration; AIP was actually rolled out Fall 2015 with 10 AIP mentors paired with CSP undergraduates; The GA Coordinator created a detailed information sheet that was sent to the Mentor and Mentee from completion; Communication is via Skype, text, email, phone, etc.; Both AIP mentor and mentee felt that the pairings went well (paired by major, interest and/or career path); Scheduled a meet and greet for April 2016, had to cancel due to poor response; Attempting another meet and greet during Homecoming 2016; Will take time to build program; Do feel that it is worthwhile; Created "Tips for Success" document for Mentors and Mentees and emailed to them


Involves Students, Involves Alums


JMU Only


Academic Year AY '15-'16


Ongoing (Currently in existence, year round)

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Community Engagement, Civic Engagement, Engaged Learning



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On campus

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