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RAM Clinic

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Cindy Chiarello - per email from community partner Revlan Hill - This is a duplicate entry (with more information) of a previous entry from a news article


President Alger and Dr. Lovell:

This past weekend I experienced one of the most impressive events ever in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, the Remote Area Medical Clinic, led by Dr. Laura Trull. Awe-inspiring doesn’t come close to describe what I saw as people slept in cars for probably on average six hours to receive free dental, vision, and medical care.

My husband and I volunteered to make coffee for the Clinic for the weekend and arrived at 3am on Saturday. The first person we met was George who walked from Timberville in hopes of getting two teeth pulled. The faces of patients were touching and ranged in all ages and ethnicities. Each person being treated was so very grateful to have received a ticket to be seen.

I heard there were 450 volunteers, most who were medical professionals but some like us providing general support. Most volunteers came from our community including students from JMU but there also from UVA and schools as far away as Howard and Appalachian State. Services provided were over $300,000 in value.

All volunteers and clients were given meals, again thanks to our community of civic groups and churches.

There is no way to adequately describe the weekend but it was incredible. The common thread that brought us all together was wanting to make a difference in the lives of those who came for care. From parking, promoting, organizing, medical staff, setup, interpreters, guides, food, drinks, cleanup and I am sure much more, it all seemed to work seamlessly thanks to Dr. Trull. She was an amazing, caring, and dedicated leader and we all owe her a debt of gratitude! She worked tirelessly for this Clinic and it showed. Thank you for allowing her to lead this effort. We are a better community because of it.

Best Regards,

Revlan Hill


Involves Faculty, Involves Staff, Involves Students, Involves Participants External to JMU




March 2, 2019


One Time Only

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Children/Youth, and Family; Health and Healthcare

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Community Engagement, Engaged Learning


Community Service, Service Learning, Event

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