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Application of a Simulated Nature Intervention, Using Virtual Reality & Aromatherapy, on the Experiences of Residents in a Retirement Community

Rebekah Vanzo
Mikayla Moore
Brandon Mantell

Beyond Operations: Improving the Assessment of Universities' Sustainability Efforts

Allison Poggendorf

Characterization of plant-pollinator networks of the Little Fork Shale Barren, Sugar Grove, WV

Sarah Brown

Examination of Morpho-Syntactic Production in Bahamian Creole English-Speaking Children

Danielle Moss, James Madison University
Geralyn Timler, James Madison University
Bailey Colvin, James Madison University

Inspiring Meaningful Community Outcomes: A Philanthropic, Interdisciplinary Approach in the Promotion of Neuro-Wellness

Chelsea Wood
Alexa Taylor, James Madison University

Moderators of Male-Female and White-Black Subgroup Differences in Assessment Center Ratings: A Meta-Analysis

Brooke Graham, James Madison University

Nutrition and cooking skills program with older adults with chronic illness living in subsidized housing

Blake Quinn
Grace Hellier, James Madison University
Erica Jackson, James Madison University

Online Graduate Students' Perceived Feelings Regarding Community

Chelsea Woodard

Syntax Interventions for Struggling Learners: A Systematic Review

Michelle Lenhart

Technology Impact on Vocabulary Retention in Second Language Acquisition

Lejla Cehic

The Importance of Relationships in Education

Grace Macomber

The Meaning of Engagement in Dance for Parkinson’s Disease® on Participant’s Self-Efficacy, Quality of Life and Occupational Participation

Caroline Puglia, James Madison University
Olivia Garcia, James Madison University

Utilizing Paralympic skill lab in higher education: exploring the student experience through wirting to learn

Jenna M. McMahon, James Madison University