Geedka Dheenta is a small village in Somaliland located 45 kilometres (28 miles) east of Hargeisa in a mountainous area on the road between Hargeisa and Berbera. With a population of approximately 390 inhabitants according to the Landmine Impact Survey conducted in 2003, its citizens usually go to Hargeisa (the capital of Somaliland) to sell their products. The villagers’ main income is from small irrigation farms surrounding the village where they raise fruits and vegetables such as pawpaw, oranges, greens, and tomatoes, as well as some livestock. During the civil war that broke out in Somalia in 1988, this farming community was a battlefield area; former Somali National Movement camps were located nearby. When the SNM captured Somaliland (previously the northwest sector of Somalia) in 1991, SNM troops scattered into towns, leaving empty camps open to the public.



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