During the 2006 Israeli-Hezbollah War, Israeli forces dropped more than four million cluster munitions on Southern Lebanon. By conservative estimates, these bombs fail to detonate 30 percent of the time. This rate, when coupled with a 2009 stall in the funding process, has left more than 12 million square meters (2,965 acres) of land threatening the safety and lives of local residents. Responding to this danger, Director Jawad Metni uses his film,“Remnants of a War,” to document the trained, local deminers of Southern Lebanon as they diligently work to remove the remaining munitions more than three years after the war̵s conclusion. Examining the long-standing devastation caused by weapons of war through both historical accounts and personal perspectives, “Remnants of a Warprovides a first-hand look into the issues surrounding cluster bombs and the importance of cluster-munitions removal.



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