The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has supported mine action in more than 40 countries since its first involvement in Cambodia in 1992. UNDP support generally focuses on the development of national mine action management capacities. In early 2016, the Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) of UNDP concluded the first global evaluation of the results of UNDP support in mine action, with particular attention to its effectiveness and impact. The evaluation reviewed documentation relating to all national, UNDP-supported mine action programs, in-depth desk reviews of support to 14 countries, and background for field case studies of three national programs (Laos, Mozambique, and Tajikistan). It also included visits to two dozen communities in Laos (n=8), Mozambique (n=11), and Tajikistan (n=5)—all of which were previously mine-affected and where demining had occurred at least five years before the evaluation visit. The evaluation highlighted several important lessons regarding effectiveness of international support in mine action and provided important nuances to the discussion of impact in mine action. UNDP management accepted the recommendations addressed to it.



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