As areas of Iraq and Syria controlled by ISIS are liberated, internally displaced persons (IDP) are returning to their homes to face widespread destruction and contamination from deadly improvised explosive devices (IED) implanted by ISIS to maim, kill, and terrorize. Janus Global Operations (Janus) currently operates throughout Iraq, clearing IEDs with a focus on bringing critical infrastructure online to allow IDPs to return safely and resume their lives.

Operating in urban environments has proven challenging due to the high volume of destroyed buildings and associated rubble. In urban environments, operators are exposed to uncertain situations when traditional detection methods can be dangerous. Among the primary goals of industry best practices is to protect operators by limiting their exposure to explosive remnants of war, including IEDs. In a destroyed factory, small copper crush wires, which ISIS has used extensively for victim-activated IEDs, can be difficult to detect, and exposing operators to this threat is unacceptable. Situations like this drive new innovations in search and clearance operational technology to protect operators by more safely finding and disrupting IEDs.



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