Many modern conflicts leave behind unexploded ordnance (UXO) in their aftermath, inflicting severe human, social, and economic costs. Europe is not immune from this issue. Today, landmine-affected countries in Europe include Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Serbia. With an average removal cost of 1,000 euros per mine, reduced funding is the main reason why demining is still unfinished in this region after more than 20 years of work. Every year, deminers and civilians die or are injured because of ordnance explosions.

A common sentiment of all organizations involved in demining operations is that greater funds are required to increase clearance capacity and demining in a timely manner. The goal of this project is to bring the current situation in the Balkans to the public’s attention. The following photographic documentation includes aerial photographs of minefields and demining operations as well as still-life images of exploded ordnance, tools used by deminers, prosthetic limbs, and survivors.



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