The MiSa 1 mobile plant by the BIGAT Engineering Office for Processing of Waste Ltd. is a agricultural machine designed to pick up and sift through soil, separate out metal fragments and undergrowth, and replace the cleaned soil. While BIGAT envisions many uses for the MiSa I mobile plant, they are particularly encouraged by its performance as an aid for mine clearance. The MiSa I is capable of clearing specific minefield areas of vegetation that is up to 15 years old, while at the same time sifting through the soil to a depth of 50cm, cleaning the soil of all manner of metal fragments, including ammunition, mines, and other unexploded ordnance (UXO). BIGAT acknowledges that the MiSa I is not appropriate for use on all minefield areas, but is encouraged by the results produced by the machine in tests thus far. The following article sets forth the detailed specifications of the MiSa 1, and examines the ways in which the machine may be used to aid mine clearance operations.



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