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Chechnya is not recognized internationally as a sovereign state. It declared independence from Russia in September 1991, adopting the name Chechen Republic lchkeria. ln December 1994, the Russian Federation sent troops in the republic and used mines extensively. A peace agreement was signed in 1996, including the delay of the Chechen Republic lchkeria's official status until Jan. 1, 2001. Chechen leadership currently claims the independence of their republic but Russia maintains that Chechnya is part of the Russian Federation. Chechen law has been established but Russian law still applies. The humanitarian situation in Chechnya deteriorated steadily from the end of the war in 1996. A lack of humanitarian assistance and the withdrawal of nearly all international organizations pervade Chechnya, due to the security situation. Russia has faced a wave of international disapproval of its current military offensive in Chechnya.



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