Years after the civil war has ended, mines and UXO continue to be a serious danger to numerous communities in Mozambique. GTZ and Zimbabwean demining company Mine-Tech jointly developed the Integrated Humanitarian Demining for Development approach. Community Mine Awareness Training (CMA) for the local population was always an integral component. The concept and approach of CMA needed further improvement and refinement. The objective of the pilot project undertaken in the Cheringoma District of Sofala Province in Mozambique, June 19 - September 5, 1998, was to improve methods and instruments for CMA. This included the development of participatory methods to be used in mine surveys and for mine and mine field marking. In general, the CMA approach to train community facilitators used to empower communities to cope with the mine and UXO threat is appropriate, but it was found to have serious flaws in the methods used for awareness raising, monitoring and follow-up.



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