Mercy Corps International, a non-profit voluntary agency, is one of the United States most resourceful international charities, contributing close to 94 percent of its resources to the most vulnerable areas in the world. Since 1979, when Mercy Corps was founded as Save the Refugees Fund, it has dispersed over $450 million in assistance to people in more than 68 countries. With the support of several prominent Americans, Save the Refugees Fund was able to expand its efforts to assist not only the Cambodian refugees who attempted to flee by boat but also vulnerable people in other nations. In 1981, the Fund was re-named Mercy Corps International to reflect its broadened humanitarian role. With the intention of alleviating suffering, poverty and oppression, Mercy Corps’ programs focus on providing support to victims of natural disaster or conflict by helping them build secure, productive and lawful communities. In recent years, Mercy Corps has become a leader in integrating civil society initiatives and human rights advocacy into humanitarian assistance. In 1999, it provided food, shelter, health care and economic opportunity to more than three million people in 24 developing and emerging countries, sent emergency goods and material aid to eight additional countries and delivered $93 million in humanitarian aid.



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