An organization based on human equality, NPA "…endeavors to improve the conditions under which individuals live, and to contribute to a more humane society for all." Accordingly, landmine issues are a fundamental element of their mission. Since 1992, when they entered Cambodia, NPA has been heavily involved in mine clearance throughout the world, becoming one of the world’s largest humanitarian mine clearance organizations and concentrating most of their labors on educating local populations about the dangers of landmines. More recently, they began to focus their efforts in the Middle East and Northern Africa, where they began an extensive program in Iraqi Kurdistan in 1995 and a program for refugees from Western Sahara in Algeria in 1998. NPA initially struggled to begin its program in Iraqi Kurdistan because they have been unable to obtain permission to bring equipment into the area; however, in recent years, they have been more successful. NPA’s efforts in Western Sahara and Algeria have also been fruitful and were concluded in June 2000.



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