After achieving independence in 1975, the Republic of Suriname experienced periods of intense political and economic instability. In 1986, a guerrilla war broke out in the eastern region of the country. For the next six years, the armed forces of Suriname were involved in a conflict with five insurgency groups, during which time an estimated 1,000 anti-personnel mines were employed. Following the signing of a peace treaty in 1992, the Organization of American States participated in demining operations supported by the governments of Holland, Guyana and Brazil. All mines were destroyed, with the excep-tion of one minefield sown by the army. On 7 Feb. 2005, the Office for Humanitarian Mine Action’s Department of Multidimensional Security of the OAS coordinated a unique multilateral mission to clear the remaining minefield and train a Surinamese army unit in humanitarian demining operations.



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