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Chris Hill

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Fall 2017

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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)


Department of Graduate Psychology


Gregg Henriques

Craig N. Shealy

Kenneth Critchfield


Given the current state of the literature and weaknesses of many previous prevalence studies, the primary purpose of this research study was to gather base-rate data of color-grapheme synesthesia in a general population sample. Over a period of seven months, 502 participants enrolled in the study on Mechanical Turk and completed the online Synesthesia Battery. The primary data collected was the participant’s score on the synesthesia test, whereby a score of a one or below is deemed by the battery to be indicative of someone with a color-grapheme synesthetic ability. Of the 502 participants, eight percent (0.082) of the population sampled had scores below one, the cutoff suggestive of synesthesia on the Synesthesia Battery. This is a much higher percentage of the population than previously reported by previous studies. Exploratory analyses of demographic variables revealed some significant findings for handedness and education, such that left-handed people may have a greater representation among synesthetes than right-handed people and participants meeting the one score cutoff suggestive of synesthesia were more likely to have a graduate education.

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