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Summer 2019

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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)


Department of Graduate Psychology


Trevor F. Stokes

Elena Savina

Carol Dudding


When providing intervention to children with emotional and behavioral difficulties, it is important to consider how to best address the child’s behaviors across a number of contexts. Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) and Teacher-Child Interaction Training (TCIT) have been shown effective at reducing a child’s behavioral difficulties by improving the relationship between the child and their caregiver (parent or teacher). This feasibility study adds to the research on interventions for young children with emotional and behavioral difficulties by addressing parent and teacher interaction techniques simultaneously. Using HIPAA-compliant software, a coach provided instruction to a parent and a teacher, to implement a modified Child Directed Interaction (CDI) portion of PCIT and TCIT. Social validity results indicated this model of joint intervention to be a feasible intervention that demonstrated similar results to traditional PCIT and TCIT regarding the parent and teacher behaviors (i.e., an increase in “Do Skills” and a decrease in “Don’t Skills”). The child’s behaviors, as evaluated through standardized rating scales, showed minimal improvement. This study points to the benefits of using distance coaching with simultaneous use of PCIT and TCIT as a way to provide intervention to families who would otherwise be unable to access these resources. Future directions are also discussed.



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