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Creative Commons License
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Date of Graduation

Summer 2014

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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)


Department of Graduate Psychology


Anne Stewart

Craig N. Shealy

Renee Staton


The current study focuses on theory, data and analyses from the Forum BEVI Project (, a national learning assessment initiative, with a particular emphasis on the “Gender Traditionalism” scale from the Beliefs, Events and Values Inventory (BEVI). Because Gender Traditionalism is central to Equilintegration Theory (EI Theory), the EI Self and the Beliefs Events and Values Inventory (BEVI), issues of definition, measurement and theory are considered with respect to this model, framework and method along with an examination of data and analyses from the BEVI, which are relevant to a deeper understanding of this construct. Results suggest that the EI model and BEVI method are highly resonant with extant literature and help to further our understanding of the predictors and outcomes of the “gendered self.” For example, the BEVI may demonstrate that certain formative variables (e.g., such as socioeconomic status and parental education level) impact the development of traditional gender beliefs, and that the relative degree to which one endorses gender traditionalism is correlated with other belief structures (e.g., concern about the environment) as well as specific outcomes (e.g., attunement to one’s own emotional experience and the emotional experiences of others). Additionally, implications of this theoretical model and assessment method for the facilitation of better understanding and relations within and between the genders also are offered.

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