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Caitlin Crowder

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


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Jeannie Garber

Mellisa Black


Nurse staffing is a major concern for healthcare organizations. Ensuring adequate staffing is crucial to providing quality, patient-centered care. The purpose of this project was to explore staffing policy options at a Southern Virginia Hospital using Bardach’s policy analysis and the IHI Triple Aim as frameworks. This policy analysis was conducted to offer a solution for staffing. The current staffing model at this rural Southern Virginia hospital resulted in ongoing, escalating costs that cannot be sustained over time. The three staffing options reviewed included: allowing the current staffing plan to stay in place, implementing a staffing committee, and implementing a supplemental pool. Organizations need flexible and experienced nurses to ensure the safety of their patients. Without proper staffing, hospitals experience higher patient mortality, lower quality of care and unsustainable increasing costs.

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