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Jeannie Corey



Evidence supports effective communication skills as essential for patient safety and organizational success. Evidence is also clear regarding ineffective communication and its negative impact. The purpose of this project was to determine an area of communication skill development needed among nurse managers of the participating island hospital and support positive change in knowledge, understanding, and ability to use effective communication skills. The aim was to improve communication skills among these nurse managers. The objectives were to determine a specific skill need, provide a focused educational intervention, and evaluate skill improvement. Pre-intervention survey results revealed a self-identified priority of effective communication skills that matched nursing leadership’s skill development needs and priorities. A synchronous, virtual, evidence-based educational session (adapted from TeamSTEPPS® educational materials) was delivered to the nurse managers with the goal to improve understanding and the ability to use feedback skills in communication. The post-intervention survey results showed all participants self-reported improved levels of knowledge and understanding and ability to use feedback skills in communication. Limitations of low participation are presumed a result of Covid working conditions and staff shortage. Educational interventions focused on meeting the needs of nurse manager skill development have a direct impact for nursing in improving patient and organizational outcomes.

Keywords: nurse manager communication skills, interdisciplinary nurse communication, confidence competence communication, communication feedback skills

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