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Erica Lewis


Medication errors, readmissions, and chronic disease management complications are modifiable healthcare problems. Standardized Medication Reconciliation (Med Rec) policies can impact healthcare organizations' patient safety by reducing these medication errors, decreasing readmission rates, enhance the management of chronic disease while also offering fiscal stewardship for healthcare systems. Medication management standardized policies are an expectation of systems aiming to gain Joint Commission (JC) accreditation. The principal hospital of the Cayman Islands does not have a medication reconciliation policy. Using The Eightfold Path to More Effective Problem Solving, multiple policy options that offer evidence-based recommendations were reviewed for consideration of a standardized Med Rec policy within the principal hospital organization. The analysis identified that clarity in Med Rec guidelines with standardized workflows offers the most cohesive policy development for the principal hospital in the Cayman Islands. The standardized Med Rec process offers the principal hospital in the Cayman Islands an enhancement in patient safety by reducing medication errors, readmissions, and chronic disease management for the local community and organization.

Keywords: Medication Reconciliation, Medication Safety, Joint Commission, Organization culture, Leadership structure, policy analysis

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