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Dr. Jeannie S. Corey


The primary goal of diabetes management is to assist patients in controlling their diabetes and minimizing complications. Diabetic patients require continuous medical care that encompasses medication management, multifactorial risk-reduction strategies, and a multidisciplinary team. Health coaching is an emerging tool used to provide education and motivational techniques to individuals for better self-management of their chronic condition. Health coaching is a proven strategy with favorable effects on hemoglobinA1c (HgbA1c), blood pressure, weight, and health behaviors. A diabetes health coaching program (DHCP) was implemented at an eastern Virginia healthcare center (EVHC). The DHCP’s objective was to assist patients in meeting their individualized health goals. The aim of this program evaluation was to determine the impact of health coaching on diabetic health outcomes. The DHCP had a total enrollment of 220 patients. Among the 220 patients, 80 patients met criteria for inclusion and a retrospective medical record review was performed. HbgA1c, blood pressure, weight, and medication adherence were assessed at the time of enrollment and throughout the audit period of 18-monthts to evaluate the impact of the coaching program Of the 80 patients’ medical records reviewed, 78% experienced a reduction in HbgA1c, 85% had blood pressures below 140/90, and 78% experienced weight loss. Medication adherence was not evaluated due to inadequate data. Implementation of the DHCP for this population resulted in improved clinical outcomes. Program process improvements and a prospective study are recommended to provide clinically significant data and validate health coaching’s impact on diabetes self-management and health outcomes.

Keywords: diabetes, health coaching, hemoglobinA1c, evaluating diabetic programs, lifestyle changes

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