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Hunter Greer

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Creative Commons License
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Spring 2017

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Educational Specialist (EdS)


Department of Graduate Psychology


Debbie C. Sturm

Ashton Trice

A. Renee Staton


The researchers in this study were interested in the effect of educational modules on student’s ratings of appropriateness and fairness of 10 different accommodations offered at the college level. Researchers were also interested in investigating if these modules would affect individual’s scores on the Social Distance Scale to evaluate levels of stigma towards mental health. Researchers surveyed 150 college students at a large South Eastern University and found that individuals rated accommodations as higher than neutral in fairness and appropriateness overall, but did not find a difference in students who read the modules and students who did not. Researchers also did not find a significant difference in individual Social Distance Scores when comparing groups who read the educational modules and those who did not. Analysis did reveal differences between specific accommodations that participants rated as more appropriate and fair, and found differences in which Social Distance questions participants were “willing” to engage in with individuals with mental health concerns.