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Jeffrey M Lown

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Creative Commons License
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Fall 2015

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Educational Specialist (EdS)


Department of Graduate Psychology


Debbie C. Sturm

A. Renee Staton


Despite calls from within the professional field and external forces, counselors have faced ongoing challenges in their efforts to be effective advocates for their clients and themselves. A review of the literature reveals that throughout the history of the profession, prominent figures have called on counselors to assume advocacy roles, and that some initiatives have been successful in fostering lasting change. However, as counselors and their clients’ needs continue to evolve, so too must strategies to address these needs be reevaluated and new initiatives put into place.

In this paper, I have outlined a committee structure and agenda that seeks to address the wide range of advocacy needs, using the American Counselors Association Advocacy Competencies as a reference point. This committee is designed to work on a local scale, within the structure of the existing state organization and its regional subdivisions.