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Date of Graduation

Spring 2011

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Educational Specialist (EdS)


Department of Graduate Psychology


Don Roe

Eric W. Cowan

Madeleine Dupre


The purpose of this project is to examine, compare, and evaluate two differing approaches to couples’ workshops. Chapter 1 will use one couple’s story to illustrate the epidemic of romantic relationship/marriage dissolution. Chapter 2, the literature review, will introduce two workshop approaches by Harville Hendrix and John Gottman. This chapter presents literature that supports the workshops and highlights couples’ therapy research. Chapter 3 will review each workshop separately with respect to their goals, structure, and how they express underlying ideas. Also, a comparison and evaluation will be provided for both. Chapter 4 will follow with a summative evaluation of my learning experiences as a person, student, and professional. Finally, chapter 5 will discuss the limitations of the workshops and will propose ideas for future analysis.

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Psychology Commons