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Date of Graduation

Summer 2013

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Educational Specialist (EdS)


Department of Graduate Psychology


Tammy D. Gilligan

Patricia Warner

Ashton Trice


School psychology training programs are under increased pressure to train students in a way that emphasizes cultural competence. However, there is not currently an accepted instrument that can measure the cultural competence of students specific to the discipline of school psychology. The current study proposes and explores several adaptions of a proposed instrument to measure cultural competence in school psychology. Adaptions were selected to address problems observed in collecting similar data in a school psychology program. A first study was unsuccessful due to sampling issues; however, a second study was more successful. A sample was selected to exaggerate training differences that included undergraduate students, school psychology graduate students, and practicing school psychologists. Results suggested that a new set of questions combined with a scenario procedure was very successful at measuring different levels of training in cultural competence. It is recommended that these results be used to develop an instrument that can be used in all school psychology training programs.

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