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Spring 2015

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Educational Specialist (EdS)


Department of Graduate Psychology


Debbie C. Sturm


Academic advisors in higher education include professional full-time staff advisors, faculty advisors, graduate assistants, interns, and staff who serve dual roles as academic advisors and career advisors. Who among these many groups does the advising can have an impact on how advising is delivered and of what the advising process consists. For those students dealing with psychiatric disabilities, they may find themselves suffering academically and afraid to ask for help. It is essential to have an academic advisor who can recognize students in distress, guidelines regarding how to deal with these students, and steps to take when referral to a professional mental health counselor is necessary. The work presented here includes a review of psychiatric disabilities in college students and the impact on students’ lives. Suggestions to provide valuable information to increase the academic advisor’s awareness, and skills when working with college students with a psychiatric disability are provided.

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