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Creative Commons License
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Date of Graduation

Fall 2011

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Educational Specialist (EdS)


Department of Graduate Psychology


Jack H. Presbury

Anne Stewart

Lennis G. Echterling


The number of military deployments in the United States of America has been on the rise since the United States attacked Iraq in 2003 as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). Ongoing combat operations over the last few years have meant a growing number of military families have experienced the deployment process. This research paper utilizes the concepts of attachment and resilience to explore the deployment process within the framework of the emotional cycle of deployment. Integrating current knowledge within the field of mental health related to attachment theory, resilience, and the deployment process, I explore the potential risks military deployment presents to attachment processes within families, as well as attachment and resilience based interventions that can be used to help families navigate the deployment process successfully.

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