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Date of Graduation

Spring 2013

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Educational Specialist (EdS)


Department of Graduate Psychology


Lennis G. Echterling

Debbie C. Sturm

A. Renee Staton


Young adult survivors of cancer present a unique set of needs and developmental factors to consider when working to support their well being (physical, mental, emotional, and social health). The experiences of these individuals can vary in many ways. This variety might include variables such as: age of diagnosis, type of cancer, type of treatment, resources available, family support, etc. The intent of this project is to examine and review the needs of young adult university student cancer survivors and address important considerations for professionals working to support their well being. Interviews with cancer survivors and a supportive professional were conducted. The qualitative data collected were reviewed, summarized, and reported. It was found that a variety of resources and interventions could be useful in working to support the well being of young adult university student survivors of cancer. Participating survivors identified the following resources as important: the university counseling center, the university health center, the local hospital cancer treatment center, the university student cancer support group, the university recreation center, maintaining academics/daily routine, understanding and flexibility of professors, support of academic and career advisors, involvement in student organizations, as well as support from friends and family. Considering the individual experience of the young adult survivor, where they are within their personal development, the mental and emotional impact of their experience with cancer, and the resources they have had access to are all critical when working to support overall well being.

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