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Summer 2012

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Educational Specialist (EdS)


Department of Graduate Psychology


School-based mental health is gaining increasing attention based on the number of children in need of these services. In addition, the strong link between social-emotional competence and academic achievement is forcing schools to integrate a more comprehensive system of service delivery. One way schools are working to integrate these areas is through the implementation of Response to Intervention (RTI). The purpose of the present study is to investigate the identifiable resources within schools for implementing interventions for the social-emotional domain within an RTI framework. One hundred and two schools that have been identified as RTI sites by the Virginia Department of Education were emailed a survey addressing several factors related to this process. The survey consists of Likert-type items and open-ended questions to obtain more detailed information about availability of resources and gaps in resources. The results indicate that schools have resources available that fit into an RTI framework for social-emotional concerns; however, theses interventions may not apply to all three levels of intervention. Additionally, many systems have trained personnel available to implement interventions but there is a need for easier access to resources. In general, schools are mostly focusing on RTI for academic concerns and expressed the need for more training, resources, and funding to move forward in the social-emotional domain. Schools may benefit from taking a collaborative approach to problem solving and professional development to maximize funding and other resources.

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