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Spring 2014

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Educational Specialist (EdS)


Department of Graduate Psychology


Debbie C. Sturm


Social science research suggests that the current generation of college students is quite different from previous cohorts of undergraduates. In particular, researchers have discovered that college students, known as “Millennials,” demonstrate lower levels of empathy, higher levels of narcissism, increased use of technology, and decreased time spent outdoors. As counselors working with Millennials, large scale dispositional changes may impact the overall functioning of these individuals. This quantitative study of 140 undergraduates explores the relationship between the constructs of empathy, narcissism, and nature-relatedness among the Millennial generation. Data analysis suggests that there is a statistically significant relationship between nature relatedness and empathy. This study offers an empirical rationale for utilizing community-based and nature-oriented approaches when working with Millennials.

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