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Creative Commons License
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Each South Park episode leads viewers through a series of outrageous circumstances that culminate in an interesting and oftentimes profound conclusion. Whether Parker and Stone simply give Al Gore a little shove off of his high horse or make a bold statement about an important social issue such as whether or not we as humans should play God, they inevitably have something of consequence to say regarding a current social issue, and millions of viewers tune in every week to find out what it is.

William Ackleson is currently an Engineering major from McLean, Virginia in his Freshman year at JMU. In his free time, he enjoys playing Xbox, going to the Urec, and working with his engineering team. In the future, he intends to apply his skills in engineering to the veterinary sciences. He also has no idea how he got on e-Vision as an Engineering major.

Liam chose to write about South Park because it was an opportunity to apply one of his interests in an evaluative way. He also appreciates South Park's message of skepticism and willingness to make your own decisions instead of being told what to think.



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